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Ingrid Tourigny is a Life Cycle Celebrant certified with the Celebrant Institute and Foundation trained as a WEDDING CELEBRANT.  She is also an ordained Contemporary Spiritual Minister, which allows her to marry people in BC. 

Ingrid has been nicknamed "the celebrant with a big heart," by her peers and family. She has been working with people living with chronic illness and chronic pain for over 26 years as a Counsellor, Shiatsu Therapist and Acupuncturist. One of the greatest lessons she has learned is to how to connect to people quickly.  She listens to her intuition and she listens to people carefully to get to the heart of what matters most to them.  She has a gift of making people feel comfortable and listened to and accepted.  She has a great sense of humour and frankness that can be a wonderful relief in times of stress. The result is that she will co-create a ceremony that reflects your values and unique personality with warmth, sincerity and humour. 


She is available to perform ceremonies on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands in Beautiful British Columbia. She resides in Qualicum Beach, BC.



Certified Life Cycle Celebrant, Contemporary Spiritual Minister and Wedding Celebrant

Ingrid is professionally trained in the art of ritual and ceremony. She performs and co-creates customized ceremonies for weddings, funerals, and baby blessings or naming, adoption, dedication ceremonies, candlelight vigils, retirement. The ceremonies  she creates are carefully crafted to reflect the values, needs, and beliefs of the people being honoured.
As an ordained contemporary minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, she believes in the divine positive aspects of life and love for self and all others.
She is certified as both a WEDDING CELEBRANT and a FUNERAL CELEBRANT.
As a professional Life-Cycle Celebrants® and a minister, she abides by codes of ethics and nondiscrimination policies that she takes very seriously not only in her work but as a human being living day to day. 
She is committed to continually improving her knowledge and skills. As a minister she is connected to other ministers in internationally , and as an alumni member with the Celebrant Foundation, she is connected to celebrants all over the world.  She is in a web of wonderful people who constantly communicate about ideas and problem solving so you, as a consumer, benefit.  There are literally thousands of people, and hundreds of resources available to her to help her make your ceremony amazing!